2013 Events & Speakers

Barry FriedmanHost

Barry Friedman is one half of the Raspyni Brothers – International Juggling Champions, Guinness Record holders, recurring guests on The Tonight Show, preeminent entertainers on the corporate seminar circuit, and six time performers at TED conferences.

Barry Raspyni was born with, and still has, the heart of a child.

Since his arrival on Income Tax Day in 1962, the taller Raspyni Brother has skyrocketed to an imposing 6′ 1″, while maintaining a very sleek 174 pounds. After extensive review of archive footage however, it is obvious that he looks both taller and heavier on television.

Moments after bumping into Dan Raspyni at a park in 1981, Barry was jolted from his path of mediocrity and knew his future would be bright.

The following summer he and Dan traveled the country performing a show that was made up as they went along. It was the time of his life. All these years later, it still is, but occasionally, Barry reflects on what might have been: pizza chef, forklift driver, or perhaps computer repair technician.

In a perfect example of just how unregulated the position of Legal Parent is in our country, Barry is a father of one boy, Zed, who was born in April of 2002. And, in a perfect example of just how tolerant, patient, and understanding the female species can be, he has been married to the same woman since October of 1987.

He is domestic, yet international. Recently, during a single week, he had breakfast on the Champs Elysees on Wednesday, and was raking his yard on Friday. He is a commercial pilot, can communicate in Morse code at upwards of 35 words per minute, and converted his VW Westfalia to a real vehicle by single-handedly outfitting it with a Subaru engine.

His intent is to never fully grow up. 

Kim Bateman PhDExecutive Dean, Sierra College Tahoe-Truckee Campus

Kim Bateman, Ph.D. draws from both interdisciplinary and depth psychological perspectives. Her research interests include bereavement, humor, and organizational psychology, and she has presented 64 projects at regional and national conferences.  She has delivered several notable keynote addresses, including:  ”There’s a fox under my bed and pixie dust in my hair,” and “On Ugly Ducklings and Cross-Eyed Hens: living in the fringe.”

“Singing over Bones”
Through examples, learn how to share, ritualize, and transform  grief.   Lifelines to the dead illustrates  creative outcomes to mourning that allow one to recognize, contain, release, and yet stay in relationship and keep loving.

Click here to watch Dr. Bateman’s TEDxYouth@GrassValley Talk  

Hannah OitzmanStudent

Hannah Oitzman is a junior at Ghidotti Early College High School. An aspiring architect, Hannah has loved to draw ever since she could hold a crayon. For four years, she’s been blogging about her journey into architecture. Her favorite experience yet was attending Cal Poly’s Architecture Career Workshop last summer.  Hannah Oitzman blogs about her architectural designs at ifwallscoulddream.blogspot.com

“Personal, Timeless, Everywhere”
We all live in a house, in a neighborhood, in a town, rarely stopping to admire the buildings around us. Then we take vacations and are in awe of the breathtaking architecture, but we hardly ever stop to ask how architecture makes us feel, how it creates experiences and memories, and why it’s so important to society.

Click here to watch Hannah’s TEDxYouth@GrassValley Talk

Katherine Reid, PhDBiochemist

Dr. Katherine Reid is an entrepreneur, biochemist, and mother of five. Through her research and trial and error, Dr. Reid determined that certain foods were associated with her daughter’s autistic behaviors. She started a nonprofit business, Unblind My Mind (unblindmymind.org), dedicated to helping others improve health through improved diet.

“Unblind My Mind: What are we eating?”
We are what we eat, but what are we eating?  Biochemist Katherine Reid takes us on an intriguing journey of diet changes that diminished her daughter’s autistic behaviors.  She reveals an association between a common ingredient in the Western diet and many chronic illnesses that plague a number of countries. Katherine tells the story that lead to her founding Unblind My Mind, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people improve their health through improved diet.

Click here to watch Dr. Reid’s TEDxYouth@GrassValley Talk

Livia KeeneStudent

Livia Keene is a San Francisco native who has called Nevada City her home since the ripe age of 3.  Now fourteen, she is a home school student, creative writer, aspiring photographer, teacher’s assistant and ice-cream scooper. This year Livia has the unique opportunity of pursuing her passions before enrolling in high school next fall.

“Should Passion Be Our Teacher?”
Livia’s talk was inspired by her concern for the lack of preparation her generation is receiving to face the challenges our world will confront.  Her talk will focus on her year of unconventional and passionate learning and how that model can be shared with others, as one solution for our broken educational system.

Click here to watch Livia’s TEDxYouth@GrassValley talk

David WallaceRetired Electrical Engineer, Community Activist and Volunteer

I am a retired Electrical Engineer. I developed products for analytical chemistry and medical imaging. My education includes BS and MS degrees from San Jose State University and studies in peace and conflict issues. I volunteer at the Peace Center of Nevada County and do other volunteer work.

“Be A Peacemaker”
We face growing problems and our leadership seems unable to deal with conflict. They often use violent means that do not work. Coercion, threats and war produce resistance that leads to further conflict. I want to tell about three remarkable peacemakers and show how they opposed violence and how their experience can help us all be better peacemakers.

Click here to watch David’s TEDxYouth@GrassValley talk

Connor HayesStudent

Connor Hayes is currently a senior at Nevada Union High School. He has enrolled in or audited online classes in quantum physics from the University of Maryland and UC Berkeley. He has also written a paper that utilizes quantum mechanics to re-interpret some concepts from early 20th century philosophy. Beyond quantum physics, his research interests include most other topics in theoretical physics, philosophy,  mathematics, and the convergence of these fields. Connor plans to attend university in the UK next year.

“Introduction to Quantum Physics: Getting to Know the Universe”

Click here to watch Connor’s TEDxYouth@GrassValley talk

Nancy L. FlemingLandscape Architect

Nancy L. Fleming has 35 years of professional experience in a wide range of urban design, landscape master planning, and landscape architecture design projects throughout the United States and internationally.  Her professional focus has been work in the public realm, much including a public art component.

“Land Art”
A unique art form evolved in the late 1960’s in response to the social values of that decade – Land Art.  It focuses on the spirit of a specific place and draws upon the land to derive its form and meaning.  Many cities and towns have begun to integrate Land Art into their communities through grass roots efforts.  The benefits are multi-fold, beyond just aesthetics.

Click here to watch Nancy’s TEDxYouth@GrassValley talk

Holly LemyreStudent

Holly is a free spirited young feminist, born and raised in the Bay Area. Finding herself entranced with Nevada County, Holly moved to Grass Valley in August of 2012 to begin her education. Holly is a full time student,  president of the reproductive health club C.H.O.I.C.E.S. at Sierra College NCC, and runs a sex health blog, Sex Digest, in her spare time.

Cybertrafficking is the story of a 14 year old girl, who found herself victim to a form of sexual exploitation she had never known existed. This first hand account by Holly is an important glimpse into a world wide problem, and serves as an important precautionary tale to young men and women everywhere.